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农民 -
- Ready to work! 准备工作
- Yes, me Lord? 是,陛下?
- What is it? 要做什么?
- More work? 还有工作?
- What? 什么?
- [建筑] Construction Zone! Do not enter!*** 建造区无法进入!
- [建筑] Hard hat required!*** 戴好安全帽!
- [建筑] Move along, nothing to see here.*** 向前走,这里没什么好看的
- [建筑] I need a hard hat!*** 我需要一顶安全帽
- [建筑] Job''s done! 工作完成
- Righto!* 好哦
- Yes, me Lord! 是,我的陛下
- Alright. 好吧
- Off I go then. 那我去了
- You''re the King? Well I didn''t vote for you. 你是国王?我可没有投票给你
- We found a witch, may we burn her? 我们找到一个女巫,我们该烧死她吗?
- Help! Help! I''m being repressed! 救命!救命!我被镇压了!
- A horse kicked me once. It hurt! 我被马踢过,真疼!
- Doh! 咚!
- [.vs 英雄] Yaaahhh! 呀!!
- I guess I can. 我猜我可以
- If you want. 如果您想要
- No one else available? 别人不可以吗?
- That''s it, I''m dead! 好吧,我死定了!
步兵 -
- Ready for action! 准备行动!
- Orders? 命令?
- What do you need? 需要什么?
- Yes, my Liege! 遵命,陛下!
- Say the word! 下令吧!
- Aye, me Lord! 是,陛下!
- On my way! 行进中!
- Right. 对
- Of course.当然
- Don''t ask, don''t tell. 不要问,不要说
- Grab your sword and fight the Horde! 握紧你的剑与兽人战斗吧!
- Uncle Lothar wants YOU! 洛萨大叔需要你!(洛萨是人类国王)
- It''s only a flesh wound! 这只是新伤口!
- [.vs 英雄] For Lordearon! 为了洛丹伦!(洛丹伦:人类联盟之家园)
- Let me at em!* 我来进攻他们!
- Attttaccckkk! 进~攻~~~
- To arms! 拿起武器!
- Locked and loaded! 锁定目标,填弹完毕!
- Aye, sir? 是,长官?
- Ya have a target? 您有目标吗?
- I''m your shooter! 我是您的射手!
- What do you need? 您需要什么?
- OoooK. 好的~~
- I''ll take care of it! 我来搞定!
- Time to go! 该走了!
- Aight!* 好啊
- This. Is. My. Boomstick! 这,是,我的,火枪!
- Where''s me drink?* 我的酒哪儿去了?
- I can''t shoot straight unless I''ve had a pint! 我不喝个一品脱就打不准!
- Oh! There''s me drink. Get. In. My. Belly! 噢!这是我的酒,进 我 的 肚 子 吧!
- Guns don''t kill people. I DO! Ha ha! 枪并不会杀人,我会!哈哈!
- Don''t shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me! 别拿那东西射,射,射我
- I shot the Sheriff, and the Deputy, and your wee doggy TOO!* 我杀了郡长,又杀了副官,现在我要杀你这狗崽子!
- You''ll take me blunderbuss we ye pry it from my cold, dead hands! 我死了你才能从我手中把枪拿走!
- [.vs 英雄] For Iron Forge! 为了钢铁熔炉(部落名)!
- Fire! 射击!
- I''ve got the beast in my sights! 我在视野中发现了野兽!
- Take that you sod. 尝尝这个你这#¥%*
- Shoot ta kill!* 射杀!
骑士 -
- I await your command! 等待您的命令!
- Sire? 陛下?
- Your honor! 以您的荣誉!
- Command me! 命令我吧!
- Yes, my Lord? 是,陛下?
- [冲锋] For Azaeroth!** 为了艾泽洛斯(人类以前的故乡)!
- At once! 马上!
- For the King! 为了国王!
- Aboslutely! 绝对服从!
- I swear it! 我发誓!
- My favorite color is blue... NO, yellllooowwww..... 我喜欢的颜色是蓝色……不,是黄色(声音渐弱)
- Victory for Lordearon!洛丹伦必胜!(头盔掉下来了)
- Dost thou speak unto me?* 汝谓吾呼?(呵呵,古文)
- By the Gods you''re annoying! 以上帝的名义……您真是烦!
- I never say: Ni! 我从来没说过Ni!
- Damn helmet, can''t seem to get ... this ... thing. (从头盔里传出的模糊声音) 该死的头盔,摘不下来(马的哀鸣声)
- [.vs 英雄] For honor, for freedom! 为了荣誉,为了自由!
- For the King! 为了国王!
- Have at thee! 进攻汝!
- To the death! 受死吧!
牧师 -
- I come to cleanse this land! 我为净化这片土地而来
- What ails you? 是什么困扰着你?
- Yes, my friend. 是,我的朋友。
- Is my aid required? 需要我的帮助吗?
- Is someone injured? 有人受伤了吗?
- [驱魔] Be gone spawn of Darkness! 消失吧!黑暗之子
- [治疗] Be well! 好
- Of course! 当然
- I am your servant! 为您服务!
- As you wish. 如你所愿
- Right away. 马上
- Scalpel... spounge... magic wand. 手术刀……海绵……魔法杖
- There is peace and serenity within the Light. 光芒照耀着和平与宁静
- Clear! (能听到电流声) 明白!
- Crossover children... crossover into the Light! 穿越吧,孩子……找到光明!
- I have been chosen by the big metal hand in the sky! 我被天上的巨大铁手选中了(鼠标指针)
- Side affects may include dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, water retention, painful rectal itch, hallucination, dementia, psychosis, coma, death and halitosis. Magic is not for everyone. Consult your doctor before use. 可能的副作用包括口干舌燥、恶心、呕吐、积水、阵痛、幻觉、痴呆、精神病、昏迷、死亡和口臭。魔法并不适用于所有人,使用前请遵医嘱。
- [.vs 英雄] For the memory of Quelforloss!** 为了Quelforloss的回忆!
- Be gone spawn of Darkness! 消失吧,黑暗之子!
- Now feel my rath! 现在,感受我的愤怒吧!
- By the power of the Light, burn! 以光明力量的名义,燃烧吧!
- The flows of magic are whimsical today! 今天的魔法波动反复无常
- Do you require aid, human? 需要帮助吗,人类?
- This better be good. 最好如此
- Help me, help you. 帮助我就是帮助你
- What''ll it be hot shot?*
- Kick down sparky.
- [隐形] See ya later!* 一会见!
- [减速] What''s your hurry? 你慌什么?
- [水元素] It''s time to get wet! 是时候来点水份了
- If you insist. 如果你坚持的话
- What a good idea. 真是个好主意
- It''s about time. 是时候了
- Once again, it''s up to the elves. 事情又由精灵来决定了
- Click my baby, one more time! 点我呀,宝贝,再来一次!
- Maybe you should get a strategy guide! 也许你需要一本战略指导
- I don''t remember casting slow on you. 我不记得对你施了缓慢
- You don''t get out much do you? 你不太明白,是吧?
- Let''s chat on Battle.net sometime. 我们改天在战网上聊吧
- For the "End of the World" spell, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. 想用世界末日魔法,按Ctrl+Alt+Delete
- [.vs 英雄] For the Alliance! 为了联盟!
- You wish is my command! 您的意愿就是我的命令
- Now victory shall be ours. 胜利属于我们
- Without delay! 马上!
Spell Breaker
Ready - "I smell magic in the air." ---空气中有魔法的味道。
Warcry - (Elvish)
What1 - "I thirst for magic."---我渴求魔法。
What2 - "Be quick, time is mana."---快些,时间就是魔法。
What3 - "The blood elves await." ---我们血精灵准备好了。
What4 - "Get on with it!" ---开始吧。
Yes1 - "I'll handle it" ---我能控制好。
Yes2 - "Easily done." ---轻而易举
Yes3 - "Watch and learn." ---观察,并学习
Yes4 - "Leave it to me" ---让我来做。
Yes5 - "Very clever." ---很明智。
YesAttack1 - "For Quel'Thalas!" ---为了Quel'Thalas!
YesAttack2 - "It's come to this!" ---是时候了!
YesAttack3 - "Your magic is mine!" ---你的魔法是我的了!(魔法抓取)
Pissed1 - "Im a magic man. I've got magic hands." ---我是魔法之男(觉得翻译成魔法师没味道)。我有魔法之手。
Pissed2 - "I never stole any buffs. I got ?? for everything." ---我从不披毛皮。我尊重万物。(?)
Pissed3 - "I smell magic in the air. Or maybe BBQ." ---空气中有魔法的味道。呃也许是BBQ(碳烤肉)。
Pissed4 - "I stole your preciouses" ---我偷了你的珍爱。(指魔法)
Pissed5 - "Yeah, you can get a nickle for boosting starfall, but jacking heal's a ten day stint in county. Now lifting faery fire, they just let you go for that. It's not even worth the paperwork. But reincarnate! Man! That'll get you life.

Dragon Hawk
Ready - "Glory to the blood elves." *roar*--- 血精灵之荣耀!
Warcry - "My fury is unleashed!" *roar* ---释放我的愤怒!
What1 - "Prepare to fly." ---准备飞行。
What2 - "What is it?" ---什么?
What3 - "Be quick human." *roar*---快些,人类。
What4 - "My powers are ready." ---我准备好了
What5 - "Where must we fly?" ---飞去哪里?
Yes1 - "I fly." ---我飞翔。
Yes2 - "The sky is mine" *roar*---天空由我掌管。
Yes3 - "Winds guide me." ---风指引着我。
Yes4 - "Clear the skies." ---清除天空。
YesAttack1 - "Strike!" *roar* ---攻击!
YesAttack2 - "Choke on this." ---让你窒息。
YesAttack3 - "Accept the pain." ---接受痛苦吧。
YesAttack4 - "They shall all burn." *roar* ---把他们烧成灰烬!
YesAttack5 - "No retreat!" ---不准退却!
Pissed1 - "Permission to buzz the tower?" ---允许逼近那座塔堡?
Pissed2 - "I'll hit the breaks, he'll fly right by." ---我会撞上那个breaks(破坏者?),他正飞过来。
Pissed3 - "Tell Blizzard i'd make a great action figure." ---告诉blizzard我想成为一个伟大的角色。(遗言了。。)
Pissed4 - "That's right pal(adin), i am dangerous." --- 是的圣骑士先生,我是危险的。
Pissed5 - "Get that filthy curser away from me!" ---让污秽的诅咒远离我!
Pissed6 - "We're currently hovering at a comfortable altitude of fifteen feet."---我们正在15英尺高度安然的盘旋。
Pissed7 - *baa* "Whats a mountain goat doing up here?" *splat* ---*羊叫声*怎么这会有只野山羊?!*撞击声*
Pissed8 - *ahhhhh* "Drop the villager. Drop it. Drop it." *roar* *splat* ---*惨叫声*把村民扔下去,快,扔下去。*咆哮声**坠落声*

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